A Hopester is what we call a Hope City congregation member. Our Hopesters are the core group of people we depend on to partner with us in leading others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe every Christ-follower should belong to a local church and invest in that church. Hopesters at Hope City invite, grow, serve, participate in biblical community groups, and give.


During our Hopester course you'll learn the vision of Hope City along with the five core values our church lives by: Hope Finds People, Hope Brings Change, Hope Serves Others, Hope Builds Community, and Hope Gives Extravagantly. At the end of the course you'll have the opportunity to become an official Hope City Hopester; which simply means, you’re committing to our church by investing your time, talent, and treasures.


The Hopester course is designed for 9th grade students (15 years-old) and up. This course is a requirement in order to become fully invested in the life of the church. At Hope City, we're working to reach 40,000 people for Jesus Christ. Will you join us?


If you are interested in taking the Hopester course sign up and someone from our team will be in contact with you about when the next Hopester course will be offered.