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Consider this: as parents, we only have 936 weeks from the time a child is born until the time that they graduate from high school. As a visual representation, think of each week as a marble. As the weeks pass and as your child grows, the amount of marbles that you have left to spend with them is getting smaller and smaller. The closer they get to that last marble, the more intentional we need to be about making every minute that we spend with them count. By the time your child is in middle school, you have just over 350 weeks left with them and by the time they are in high school, that number goes down to 200 weeks.


At times, raising a teenager can make you feel as if you are just losing your marbles.  Literally, it can feel like you are losing your marbles. That’s why we are offering Marble Talks. In short 20-30 meetings offered throughout the year, we want to provide a place where parents and student leaders can join together and talk about specific topics and struggles that our students are dealing with and how we can come alongside them and help them to make wise choices as they continue to grow in their relationship with the Christ. This is a time and place to share information and tips with other parents of teenagers and ask questions.


Please contact us if you have questions or would like to find out more about Marble Talks.