Begin Tithing

We believe two things when it comes to our finances. First, we believe the Bible teaches us a baseline standard for giving: the tithe. A tithe (which means “tenth”) is defined as the first 10% of a person’s income that is to be given back to the local church and is a principle that is taught throughout the entire Bible.


Let’s be honest. Giving 10% of our income seems scary, because most of us work too hard for too little. But the thing is, it doesn’t matter how much or how little we make, the question is “are we going to trust God with everything; including our finances?”


Someone once said that, “tithing may well be regarded as the training wheels of giving. For in learning to give we are also learning to lean and trust more heavily upon our Heavenly Father and less heavily upon ourselves.”


The second thing we believe is that God is faithful with His promises. In Malachi 3:10, the prophet says that we can take the promises of God and trust Him. When we give our first 10% back to God, He promises to bless the rest.


At Hope City we say that “hope gives extravagantly.” There is no telling what can be accomplished in our generation if we, too, catch the joy of extravagant giving. Not only would we be empowered to spread the gospel around the globe, but we would be enabled to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the sick. We believe that once the training wheels of tithing come off — we will be able to leave an indelible mark in reaching 40,000 for Jesus Christ.


We know trusting God with your finances is a huge step of obedience, but you’re not in this alone! If you would like one-on-one financial coaching sign up here. After you sign up, we’ll send you resources and encouragement. We would also love to hear your story along the way—how God is blessing “the rest” simply because He is faithful. Let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.