Elizabeth has had a strong calling to serve children since her childhood. She quickly becomes the “coach” in the groups she is surrounded by. She loves to lend a hand and is the first to offer encouraging words and a listening ear to those that are in need. In the past ten years, she has worked and volunteered with children from learning centers, churches, schools, and tutoring centers. She is currently completing her Bachelors of Arts in English at the University of Texas at El Paso and intends on pursuing a Masters degree upon completion of her undergraduate degree.

Elizabeth began attending Hope City in August of 2014 when her boyfriend invited her to go with him, and just as Hope City has continued to grow, she has continued to grow as well. From her first Sunday at Hope City until now, Elizabeth has been water baptized, graduated from Financial Peace University, completed SYMBIS Pre-Marital Counseling, married her wonderful boyfriend that invited her to the church they now call home, had her baby dedicated, interned, and volunteered in Hope City Kids.

Elizabeth comes from a very large family; her father has 17 brothers and sisters, and she has 100+ first cousins! This has led to her being extremely family-oriented as well as outgoing.
Elizabeth’s roots run very deep in El Paso, as does her love for the city, its culture, and the people.

When Elizabeth has free time she loves to spend it with her husband and son as well as their two dogs (who also act like the babies of the family). Elizabeth and her family enjoy eating at new, local restaurants and going on new adventures together around the city on
the weekends, or any chance they get.