Tina is our Community Relations Ambassador. She has the shortest name but the longest title on our staff. With a Master’s degree in Public Relations from Park University and over a decade of working in the non-profit sector, Tina uses her experience, and her outgoing personality, to connect the church to the community and the community to the church.

When she’s not getting her friend connections and getting the “Jesus price” for the church, she’s shaking it up at Freedom Nutrition, literally. At her Herbalife business, she makes at least 300 shakes a week! Tina also likes to shake up the Kingdom of God by sharing the good news of Jesus with her friends and everyone she meets.

Tina is the only staff member who doesn’t root for the Dallas Cowboys; which is blasphemy for sure! She’s a die hard Broncos fan; more specifically, a Von Miller fan. She loves spending time with her family and her rescue dog, Shep (such an original name for a German Shepherd).

Even though her Herbalife shakes are her favorite, don’t be surprised if you catch her breaking into Jennie’s stash of chocolates. After all, the secret ingredient in the best recipes is always chocolate!


Tina Aragon